Due to major issues happening with USPS, along with COVID-19, please expect delays in delivery.  USPS is understaffed and overwhelmed with packages right now.

Priority Mail packages that used to take 2-3 business days to arrive within the US are often taking longer to arrive, sometimes up to or longer than 10 business days.  This is all out of our control, unfortunately. 

If your tracking says,  "Arriving late," or "In transit" with no expected delivery date,  this is a normal situation during this time.  Please be patient as your package will arrive, just later than expected.

If your tracking says "Delivered," and it is not on your doorstep/mailbox, please wait another day or two.  USPS vehicles are equipped with GPS which can automatically mark your package as delivered prematurely.  Most customers' packages that are marked as delivered prematurely are actually delivered the following business day.  

Black Salt has no more information on your package location other than what the tracking says.  Please, please, please be patient during this time!  There is sadly nothing we can do to speed up the delivery of your package.