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La Abeja Herbs

Wisteria Flower Essence

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1/2 ounce

Wisteria flower essence is indicated for those who resist inhabiting the "here and now" because they long for an imaginary time in the past--beyond the scope of their experienced lifetime--when they believe that the world must have been more simple, more magical, and somehow richer. It allows these people to see and to directly experience the elegance and grandeur of their own lives no matter how mundane the moment seems. Wisteria types long for an *imagined* past rather than an actual time in their own history.  

Wisteria Flower Essence is also helpful for healing from sexual traumas. It allows one to come back into comfortable relationship with their body and to surrender to the experience of pleasure and sensuality. 

how to use : Take four drops four times daily. Once upon waking, once upon retiring, and at two other times that are agreeable. Ten drops of essence can also be added to a bath for a truly immersive experience. 

Note! Unlike essential oils, all flower essences are unscented, but don't let that fool you, these little remedies are POWERFUL!

By La Abeja Herbs 
Made in Austin, TX 
half ounce amber glass dosage bottle with dropper

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